As our loyal customer, you can rest assured that @Home Appliance Service LLC will guarantee all work performed by any service technicians within the employ of the company. Being in the company’s employ is defined by
being a person on the @Home Appliance Service payroll. All products replaced during any repair service event will be guaranteed to function as specified by the factory for a period of 365 calendar days. Any person working for @Home Appliance Service will warranty his or her work as stated heretofore. There are no exceptions to this. The warranty covers any defect in part craftsmanship or workmanship caused by the manufacturer. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. It also does not cover any part that has been tampered with by any other person. Even if said person is a repair technician from a different company.

*Note from the owner: Our warranty is very simple. If you pay us to replace a part and within a year that same part fails, you will not pay anything to have the same repair done as before there are some exclusions to the warranty stated in this contract. Exclusions could be some of the following possibilities including, but not limited to water filters, air filters, parts purchased by the customer, etc. If in any case, there is a different part to fail, yet the symptoms of the problem are the same, then there will be charges accordingly. It is important for the customer to realize that sometimes your refrigerator can have one symptom such as “warm in the refrigerator”. With this symptom there is a list of 3 or 4 possibilities that can cause this problem. In this type of event where the second of two separate parts causes the same problem that was experienced on a prior visit would be just one example of a time where the guarantee could have a possibility of being null and void.

*If for any reason you feel dissatisfied with our service, please let us know. We would be happy to compensate a service and diagnostic visit if we are unable to repair the unit if, and only if we attempt to repair it with at least a
second chance to look at it if something goes wrong immediately following the time of service.

We are dedicated to our customer and we employ empathy toward our customers. This is the focus of our business. To provide excellent service to somebody in need. We want to create a mutually beneficial relationship
between @Home Appliance Service and its customers. In our experience, typically what happens when 2 or more parts cause the same symptom within a year, is that our technicians will run continuing labor from the prior service event. By doing this it saves cost for the customer. In other words, the customer does not typically pay a service call for a return visit by a technician who runs a second service call for the same symptom or problem. This inclusion in the guarantee of this contract is only for the 1 st and initial assessment and diagnosis as defined prior as being a “similar problem” or presentation of the “same symptoms” as the first problem that we dealt with. This applies only on the most directly recent repair performed by only our company. In other words, we will not guarantee anyone other than our own employees’ work. There are some exclusions to the service call being covered under warranty. An example of this would be including, but not limited to a situation where a customer has an appointment and the @Home Appliance Service technician arrives to the customer’s home during the prior agreed to window, but the customer was unavailable and could not be reached by phone. In this case, the customer will be required to pay a service call for another visit later. Furthermore, our technicians will typically, but not always give discounted parts rates when a customer is experiencing consecutive problems with an appliance during the calendar year. It is important for the customer to understand that these situations can happen. By signing below, you are committing to abide peacefully by the guidelines stated heretofore in this warranty.